Night Out With Meaning: Improving Support Networks for LGBTQ Youth

Night Out With Meaning

February 25, 2016 | Improving Support Networks for LGBTQ Youth

Storyteller: Hazel Edwards, in partnership with The Bryson Institute

Hazel Edwards is an artist, LGBTQ activist, and a founding member of The Justice League, an internship through The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center. Through The Justice League, Hazel and her co-workers created and wrote curriculum on the intersections of gender, sexual orientation, and race-based oppression. She enjoys being a trainer and speaker because she is strongly connected to her community, and in her spare time uses social media and art to build awareness of violence against LGBTQ people of color. Hazel is very passionate about social justice education based on her struggles being a biracial pansexual transgender woman in Philadelphia.

This Night Out was one of those when what you hear sticks with you and replays in your mind. Our consciousness and awareness were elevated after Kelly’s articulate “101” addressing the head, heart, and hand of the matter – providing basic information on LGBTQ individuals. Our level of empathy was elevated after listening to Hazel’s personal journey. Our hearts ached when she described her struggles, but our spirits were lifted when she talked about her life today and her passions!

Once a Night Out With Meaning Storyteller…always!

Education is critical, but so is putting a face and story on a topic. It is through these evenings and trainings that the climate and support systems for LGBTQ youth can improve in their everyday environments.

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About The Attic Youth Center

The Attic Youth Center is Philadelphia’s only agency exclusively serving LGBTQ youth and allies. Founded in 1993 as a support group of LGBTQ youth that met in the “attic” of a mainstream social service organization, The Attic has grown into a comprehensive multi-service youth agency, whose first goal was to reduce the isolation felt by LGBTQ youth by providing a sense of safety and community. The mission of The Attic is to create opportunities for LGBTQ youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and to promote the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society.

About The Bryson Institute

As a program of The Attic Youth Center, The Bryson Institute provides innovative and engaging trainings and workshops to improve support networks for LGBTQ individuals. By working within the various systems that impact LGBTQ individuals’ lives – social service organizations, government bodies, schools, healthcare settings, corporations, faith organizations – we provide comprehensive resources and support for individuals, organizations, and communities seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to become culturally inclusive. In just 15 years, we have provided workshops to over 45,000 individuals within the Southeastern Pennsylvania region and beyond.